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You got it very right. 
I use a software called Daz Studio. Mainly due to the ease of use as creating 3d assets from scratch would simply take too long (for someone of my skillset that is). It is also Iray rendering that I use.

In general, Daz Studio is very easy to get into. 1-2 days and you can make some renders. But to master it will require some more time. Lighting, posing, camera angel, dof, and the list goes on. 



Well, from what I see, you are very skilled with DAZ Studio. I personally prefer Blender since it's much easier for me to get the scene together there instead of DAZ. Not to mention Blender being free, and incredibly versatile in it's featureset.

Shameless plug: If you're looking for a 3D artist, I am available.


Thank you for the kind words!
At the moment I am not in need of an artist but if the times come I will surely have you in mind.

Estou procurando um renderizador 3D. Você ainda está disponível? Nesse caso, entre em contato comigo por e-mail. Eu estou esperando.


Blender: (the one I use)
Daz 3D: (the one used in this game)