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Oh shit... the fish are a metaphor. One of these girls is gonna get separated.

I know this has been said, but this has a WKTD vibe in a really good way! Also I loved the character switching in the homestuck games and I think it'd do really well applied to this too. I also love the idea of casual realism. Just like... yes. We're magic. Whatever. We're used to it by now. Also!!! Your style is very nice and each girl seems very unique already!

Quick question: Is there any illicit handholding in this sleepover


haha thank you!!

and YEAH so originally these gals were just gijinkas of betta fish from my store b/c i want to set up a sorority tank..someday...but i dont have the time/funds/space for it rn. i'm gonna have to sneak an actual definition of a sorority tank in there somewhere

as for illict handholding well here's a bunch of pre-jam drawings :3c :3c

ughhh i love the girls. ;__;