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A and B sides cleared! "Double trouble" and "Changes" got me thinking the longest I believe. Clocked about a total of an hour fifteen :D Lovely work!

I can't beat the final level :( can u show the ending or how to complete the final level?

Not really a hint, but both final levels (sides A and B) can be cleared just by messing around and eventually finding a solution that works - I really didn't form a strategy for them until halfway through goofing about :) You got this!

I used a bit trial and error on the last level, but then I remembered the "keepsake" level. The solution was similar.
Use the platforms you can move+spin to hit the switches on the platforms that are moveable only.
Then put these platforms with the lit buttons "away" to another corner. Then you work your way from up to down and left to right, for example.

Hope this helps : )