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Leru is a Faolti which is very wolf like, but with anthropomorphic characteristics. :)

Are the dungeons laggy for you or are you having trouble seeing the graphic in the dungeon?

We're aware that some people are having performance issues, but so far we haven't been able to find a proper solution. We know the graphical issues stem from integrated Intel graphics on laptops and the way it renders the game resolution.

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I have the game on android it works fine so far but there is no back option so I get stuck in the menu is there a way to fix this?

The way I was able to go back was by pressing two fingers on the screen at once. I don't know if this works on all android devices, but it worked on a Galaxy S10.

lol thank you after posting my comment I read through the comments and discovered that you have to use 2 fingers and works for me and I'm using Razer phone 2

Awesome! Glad to hear it works!