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I forgot where that link went the last time I checked and forgot about it! Thanks for bringing it up, it should help bunches (especially once you get a chance to see my placeholder art).

I'm bad at drawing so I'm super self-conscious about my concepts (and also about ever drawing them!). I guess that's something I definitely need to work on moving forward. I have a lot of ideas in my head but putting them to paper with my imperfect hand seems daunting.

The friends summon is supposed to work like a bomb in StarFox or Contra, only instead of instantly killing things it does damage proportional to how deep a relationship you've formed with that character. They swoop in, use their power or weapon on the screen, and then leap out of frame. For the purposes of this jam the damage is just going to be directly related to the Understanding stat since I won't have any of the relationship building in-game yet.