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DevLog Day 3: January 4, 2016

Really slow day, unfortunately. Got started late into the day and kinda felt burnt out from all the tutorials I watched yesterday. Kinda felt in a funk or something. Should pass soon?

I've decided to reduce the scope of the game I wanted to make. I wanted it to be something like an arcade brawler (think Final Fight), but I'm not sure I can rig that up in two weeks so I've decided to make it a single-plane brawler (like most of the levels in BattleToads & DoubleDragon for the NES). This means I don't have to worry quite so much about both player movement and enemy AI patterns on multiple planes. It seems more doable especially since I'm learning from scratch!

I implemented a basic platforming system that should work / serve the purposes of the new scope, and I also added support for increasing player statistics in-game (at least I think I did, I don't have a way to print player stats mid-game BUT I didn't cause any crashes or compiling errors so I think I'll slot this one in the win column). Tomorrow I'm going to try adding some enemies, and with enemies comes a way to defeat them. That means animating a punch, and figuring out sprite indexing (which will also fix my facing-right-while-moving-left problem).

Still unsure quite how to post pictures (like if I have to upload them to imgur first or what) so I'll look into that before I clock out today and edit in the current level mockup I have in game.