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Bought this game a few days ago, I've gotten most of the true/normal endings except for Marco and Shirr's. No matter what I try Shirr's always ends up bad ending a, no matter the choices. I've tried everything... :< it is very frustrating.

That said, I do like this game a lot. It is very well thought out, although I haven't been able to unlock every character. I love the concept as well. Mystery, romance with magic are always fun. The art is solid and the back grounds are great. The characters are believable as well and not flat like some characters in visual novels have been in the past. Soulset is a great visual novel.

Marco's and Shirr's routes are a bit tricky. ;3 Near the end of Shirr's route, try going to the library and then going back upstairs again.

Also, acting upon the feedback I've received, I decided to add a "Clue Chart" to the newest build of the game. It will show you which clues you managed to find (and which you didn't) in a character's route the moment you trigger a single bad ending for that character. You will find this chart in the Quick Menu of the game (right in-between the "Load" and "Settings" buttons). Once you get stuck, the chart should give you some kind of idea what routes to explore in order to advance further. I hope this little addition will help you out!

I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying the game so far! Thank you for the wonderful feedback! I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the routes as well, once you manage to unlock them! :)