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Stealing this format from other people:


- upgrade system is swag

- dog art is cute


- very easy to leave the map, meaning I can get OOB easily.

- No limit for enemy spawn, meaning not only does the difficulty ramp up extremely quickly, but so does the lag, causing runs (and the game itself) to die due to the sheer amount of dogs spawned.

thanks for the feedback! ur actually not OOB, i just thought to add some extra space as while doing abit of playtesting i wanted MORE haha. and i decided not to have a spawn limit, to add to the chaos (i love chaos). I might upload a windwos build soon which should have better performance and a spawn cap (maybe abt the spawn cap) again, tanks for playing! PS I love difficult games >:)

so the Blue space when you leave the brick texture isn't oob? I'm genuinely asking btw