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Fufufu~! Thank you, I'm glad that you liked what you played and that you thought it was good for what it was~

The criticism of the ending is quite valid, I probably could have done better there but my mind drew blanks. It ended up not turning out as well as it was in my head and the scenes I wanted there fell flat. Maybe at some point I will find a way to incorporate more of what I wanted without turning it into a painful to watch exposition dump.

As for world building, Because I worried I'd overwhelm the player with the often dreaded 'wall of exposition' I decided to take another route. A lot of it is done via the optional books you can find in bookshelves and such, as well as NPC Dialogue. (Especially certain merchants tend to have some background) Of course, if you choose to destroy the cities that does result in some of that dialogue becoming inaccessible. So in a way it's true you probably missed some of it by going that route.

That said though, It's still lacking in certain places, Katherina Marlon (the princess) has nearly no lines dedicated to her, and her kingdom isn't really referenced. I may have to fix that in the eventual final update~