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Hello :) I am really enjoying the demo! The art is lovely, and the music feels warm and inviting. I did notice a couple of things with my play through though. Sometimes the dialogue text would be underneath the speaking characters name, making the dialogue difficult to read. Also, when I saw the Blacksmith on the East side, next to his sprite there was a white line that spanned the length of the screen from top to bottom. The same thing happened with the skilled swordsman in the training hall, and the shopkeep on the west side. While in the sewers, Mica was killed. After the battle I accessed the menu, but it would not allow me to use the salts to resuscitate my character, but it did let me use the salts on a LIVING character to restore health? I could not finish the demo because Mica was dead and I could not bring them back.

I realize this is just a demo, but I wanted to point those things out, just in case. I really enjoy the demo over all, and I look forward to the full release! :)

More info in my blog:

Ooh, sorry, I just saw this now! Thanks for pointing everything out, and I'll be sure to iron out those issues. <:

No worries! Just wanted to let you know C: