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Beat the game tonight! Used the "pop out aura" twice on my way up, but had to stop using it once the final boss fight started. In the second or third biome I used the knight seed to destroy a massive cluster of enemies at least twice. At one point I had 41 crystals and 9 hearts. Don't think I could have possibly finished the boss without the star seed shielding me while I scrambled up to the special plots. Fell once during the boss fight, and the alternating rows of blood drops are fun but sometimes it's really hard to build up momentum if you're still. My hole dodging skills have gotten really good and that's deeply satisfying to realize.

Super fun but I felt very lucky! Never used my warp seed, knight seed was great for clearing huge swarms, and I went nuts with the heart seed once I had that sweet sweet swarm cash.

I'm super jealous you did it before me. Well done. Also, in 20min and barely any seeds! Truskill! :D

Thanks dude! You've got this! Luck is still a huge factor. I'm sure in a matter of time you'll beat the game *and* my time