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If only the final(?) boss wouldnt spawn his goons INSIDE me each time I hit him, then I wouldnt take that many unnecessary hits.....

Also stamina regen could be like double or triple the current rate since it spawns like 2-3 goons minimum per hit.
and eahc goon takes like 3-4 hits to die.
so jsut standing there, waiting for stamina to refresh a bit and hope you dont get hit by enemy walking into you...
is mildly annoying.

otherwise nice game! :-)

oh and, sicne I jsut tried:
power tankling through it doesnt work too great either.
your health does a bit quicker than the boss'.

okay, did it, now I'm deeply confused though...

I thought that guy there WAS the father.
but now he talks in third person and riddles?

also, if the boss is dead, why is he still held captive by it's tentacles?

oh yeah, second try of power tanking worked...
jsut to have the last health bit by taken by the last goon remaining and dying...