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What tense do you find yourself writing your entries in?  I don't really like writing in the past tense.  I suppose that's the intention of the scenario though yeah?

I'm kind of going a bit off script, but my story is set in a dystopian society.  I'm left for the enclave to escape the mundane and pre-determined existence which bleeds from day to day to day.

Instead of being rescued at the end... I'm thinking it's more like being caught.

The default would be to write in the past tense, but nothing stops you from writing in the present, or even future tense if it feels more natural to you. It could even play into the themes of the game!

That's an interesting setup, I hope you have fun with the game!


thanks! Yeah it’s been a fun setting so far. Kind of a 1984, THX 1138, Brazil sort of place.