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I use many of your shaders  for my test scene and they awesome, I can't make my own shaders because in Google/Youtube not a lot information about 2D URP shaders and it's little sad, or I just don't know much about shaders and any Unlit shader can be make Lit easily

We understand that making shaders can be a difficult task sometimes due to the complexity of the inner workings of nodes, which is why we've been providing helpful shaders to the community for Free regularly.  We're extremely happy to know that our shaders help you out with your games, saving a lot of your time and letting you focus on what's important, i.e. making games. 

Our goal was to help the community with technical assets so that they can focus on making amazing games, and we're happy to hear that our goal of helping other indie developers achieve their vision, hassle-free, is fruitful.

That being said, stay tuned for more of our regular asset packs consisting of Shaders, Music, 3D Models, Sprites, and more. Hope the upcoming assets make your game development journey at least a  little bit easier.😇