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I'm sure you get tons of emails and questions but I'm not sure if you've answered this elsewhere and I'm at work not being able to do a thorough search for a possible answer for the question elsewhere so here goes, are there any plans to port this over to console? Also, if no, is it difficult in the Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo communication side of things or would it be a programming issue where it would take too long to rewire things for console code?... Please let me know because I hardly play on PC and I'm a huge Sony fan (Nintendo as well) and would love to get this game on those consoles. As for now I might just get it on PC but I know damn well I wouldn't be giving it the love it deserves simply because of the fact that I rarely use my PC... Thank you in advance and OMG this game looks so dope <3 I'm getting Gundam vibes tbh but where are the mobile suits? ahaha! Much love <3

Thanks for your kind words! We would love to release the game on a console, but we can't while it is on early access. We definitely want to look into doing a Switch port, and maybe other consoles, but we won't be able to confirm it until we are 100% sure we can make it (we are based in Chile, so there might be some barriers).

For now, we've been making sure our build is compatible, so the port itself shouldn't be that troublesome. We'll still try our best, we would love to see our game on consoles ♥!


Thanks for your continued hard work and I'm sure you guys will be making that a reality. I can truly see this on console and I'm not just saying that. Much love <3