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In case you didn't get my tweet:

The third boss is unfair. Not just difficult, unfair. There are way too many stones falling to get anywhere near the boss during his vulnerability period, and his head is too tall to dodge by jumping (it sticks out over the platform above it, which makes down the only safe place to go), not to mention the fact that boulders will quickly cut your attacks short and send you to the bottom to get your ass handed to you by the head, where you cannot dodge it at all, and there's a particular flame ghost en route to the Hall of Two Truths that will invariably take off a hitpoint as you're trying to get rid of it. And this is all WITH the Bikini, Magic Sword, Magic Shield, Water Jug, pretty much every treasure in hand (not counting a few like the sandals and scarab charm), including the Salt.

It's not skill that's required in this boss battle, it's luck with the Random Number God.