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I'll reply here also then :-) I'm happy you could play it, in the browser I guess ? I developed the game with Java 8 and a few players experienced difficulties with more recent versions (on desktop); just to let you - and others - know.

I'm happy you had a good experience, indeed I believe the game requires the player to test and try, to know what to do; and then the experience starts becoming appealing. Try the class conjuror of cheap tricks, it's the most fun one I believe :-)

I certainly will. Paladin was the first successful playthrough and I really enjoyed how it played out - you simply have to try everything that is offered to you as a player to succeed and I think this is one of the metrics for good game design. I also loved how you think you have it easy at one point, until you face the liches, vampires, cerberi, dragons for the first time... almost died thrice on those later levels, literally saved by bad enemy dice rolls. This makes the final victory all the more appealing.

And yes, I played the game in the browser. Very often things pop out right in the face and some messages linger around, making me unable to do anything until they fade out. I did find workarounds in time, though.

All in all, once again - great work!

Hey cool, you've battled and liked some of the most powerful monsters (and so the most untested ones!), that's nice to hear. I guess the popups are about achievements and maybe suggestions (likedrink your health potion, you're in danger). I suppose going to the main menu (escape) and going back (resume) would get rid of those.