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day 3!?!? Wow its already the third day of working on this game, and i realize that i have been kinda slowpokey with making it work. So today i show all progress i have done. First up! I realized that my game had bad phisics, so i switched engines. I actually found a tutorial over at "osmstudios" that helped me fix my engine. One downside is that i have to reimplement the 64x64 pixel game window, but i should be fine. Next up! I was strugling to desing a map for the character to use so i decided to look througjhmy hard drive. I actually found an old map i was using for a multiplayer game i was building. It works great! Uhm yeah thatd all for this morning. I hope to have something implemented this afternoon so i can work on fun features in store. 

Thanks for reading this devlog, sorry about the ramble.

Peace. C: