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This was a nice, short, and wet game. The puzzle was simple but fun and it reminds me a lot of tricky towers but with the rising water element, made the game more difficult. Would love to see a full game of this. The raining sound made the game give a calm atmosphere. With out it, I would've probably been more mad with certain results. :P

My partner and I have an ongoing series in which we play game together called Datenite. Here's the video from our play though. 

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Thanks so much for playing our game and making your video! We thoroughly enjoyed watching it and you had us laughing, a lot. If it's all good with you guys we'd like to add your video to our description page, such a surreal experience watching someone else play our game, really awesome! :) 


it would be our honor for our video to be on your page.

Awesome and thanks, we've added it to the description! :)