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I just played the entire game and I absolutely loved it! I didn't mind the simplicity of it at all and enjoyed each characters' stories. What's really bugging me out tho is Yuki's story. Was it meant to be open-ended or was I supposed to do something else? Ahhh I'm so intrigued >.<

haha. thank you so much for playing!

As the writers, we have an idea of what happened to Yuki, but we wanted it to come off as open ended and mysterious. We hope you found it interesting! Their story was really fun to write

We really appreciate you playing ♥️ it means so much to us. If you are willing to help us out with a hair he favor. Steam reviews help a ton with out steam rankings. You can leave one here:

Thanks so much for playing ♥️

omg of course!!! yall deserve it <3 

and ahh my butt is itching to know what happened to Yuki but i love the mystery still asdgjkl