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I didn't think this would be all that gouda given the presentation, but I decided I curd give it a chance. I'm happy to quell any issues folks may have about Cheese Squad. This is a real muenster of a standalone system that doesn't crumble like a Gorgonzola. It says sharp and flavorful like a creamy cheddar.

I hope you aren't feta up with these cheese puns, because they are bountiful within the text of this book. But I'll hold off for the time. CHEESE SQUAD is a standalone tactical combat system that focuses purely on positioning mini's. There's no dice involved. If a target is in range and doesn't have anything blocking it, it can be hit. It has a "Say Yes" attitude towards all rules related questions minus a few exceptions.

It's a designed to be used in conjunction with other rule systems, like that of FIST: Ultra Edition to add a little more table play to an otherwise abstracted TTRPG. There is a lot to like here. Even the absurdly photoshop'd cheeses in military stock photos grew on me. Give it a chance, you might like it. Just keep a few lactase tabs on hand.

A review of wonder and beauty. Thank you.