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Wow... I didn't check up on this game fo too long. I like the new sprites a lot (maybe Yumis expressions are a bit... weird/different - but if this fits her personality more it's completely OK) and storytelling is better and better. Full game will be awesome! I'm sorry for bothering, but I just have to ask: Will there be available "broken" version with new sprites? It was great minigame and I enjoyed the file feature factor as well as different endings. Thank you again for this awesome game!


Hey! Thanks for the comment! Yumi & Haruka don't have actual expressions yet, I had to roughly draw them in. This is still a 'dev build' mostly. As for the 'broken' demo, that'll still be available, and there's way more story to get into. There won't be any file manipulation, per say, but ARG elements do exist. ^^