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Interesting little game. Can't wait for an Update!  Sensual, not over the top, nice little story and nice artwork. I have a little issue tho that the resolution  of the game is slightly higher then the size of my phones screen, what makes exiting/using the menu a bit complicated (But not impossible). Also like said in the latest version of the game the ' Quickie' option does not work - Screen turns black and nothing happens. (Xiaomi MI A2)  And the 'Finish' button at the end of the enjoyment is annoying, maybe don't place it in the center of the screen. I hope my donations will help you guys Fixing this and update this fine little game!                PS: Yes, some Thigh High/ Overkneesocks and/or stockings as clothing and some foot action with them would be nice to see to. 

Yes there's an issue with the way newer versions of android handle screen resolutions since they started curved screens and notches, updates are unfortunately a ways off until i can rebuild some gameplay features thanks to losing our programmer. 

Quickie is broken due to an error in the build, but unfortunately i cannot fix it at the moment since the current project is quite broken. I'll update if I can fix these issues.