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im having a problem when i get to the forest part, is that the end of the demo or is a bug, the game just closes when the loading screen finish

The game currently has high RAM requirements and may crash or have other bad behaviour. We are actively working to optimize this as soon as possible so that more people can play and not get stuck on loading screens, etc. So sorry about that!

Yeah it crashed my computer to the point I had to power down the computer due to RAM requirements (due to freezing during loading screens happen on every loading screen but last time it was unrecoverable). They are ridiculous requirements which I can't see a reason for.  Also likely related but FPS crashes too often, key times I remember is when I talked to the Tutorial frog. 

Shame cause it was fun to play when it worked but the memory problems are causing too much problems. 


Check back next week. We got big improvements in the works already.