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This game is scary and funny too. I really enjoyed it. Nice Work! 


Thank you for playing.

This has provided some really valuable feedback in terms of what did and did not work.  A few points I took from this:

- Pausing the game should show you the current objective. 
- The keycards didn't work as intended. The first keycard is there so when you trigger the third objective (search sarah's desk - she sits next to me) you know where to go. However, a lot of players seem frustrated that they can not pick up the cards when they see them. This was done to avoid forcing players to search the entire map for a certain keycard.
- The scripted scares seem to work really well.
- Too many enemies/enemy AI could be improved. This was hard in development as they have dynamic pathfinding so I tried to get a balance between "too many" and "not enough" enemies. However, it seemed to frustrate you and that is something not intended.

I really appreciate the time you took to play and comment.