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This is really creepy but it is not really scary. Also  I found the glitch that so funny. BTW really enjoy this game that I can shoot mannequins in the head.

Really Nice game. I like that it is like PT but really short and not that scary but it is really creepy though. 20:25 Mins In.

Wow this is really scary than I Imagined. Really like it. No Cheap Jumpscares and Siren Head is also so active. BTW love it.

Wow this is really scary. I like the jumpscares. Story I a little off. BTW Really nice scary game. I like it.

Wow this is really scary. It looks so real. I am feel like I am in the game while I am playing it.  Nice work.

I like this game. The graphic is well make and the sounds too. It is a little bit confusing. BTW Nice Game.

This one it not bad . I had a blast to play. Nice

This is a well done game. It reminds me when I played 3am At The Krusty Krab. I like this game. Well done fan game!

This was a really experience , This is only the chapter 1 and it is so scary like that (Got me good 2 times). BTW I like this so much. NICE!

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This is amazing game. I like the challenge . So simple, easy to play and funny too. I like it alot.

Very cool game. I had a blast by playing this game. I reminded me when I played a lot of 90s style games. I like it!

I did it but I am not really satisfied with the time that I finished it. I think with this strategy you can beat it less than a minute. BTW I did it ! YES!

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Trying to learn the mechanic of this game, where the Items spawn and how fast the ghost really are to Prepare to beat brutal mode. BTW it still scared me.

This is still good. I still like it. Nice jumpscares!

Nice Texture and atmosphere. With this game I had a lot of fun to play it. Nice Game.

This is really fun and scary to play. I like the cheap jumpscare. Nice job doing this game.

This is really scary game. I like the style of the game. Really Creepy and fun. I enjoyed this game!


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This is a fun game to play. I had a blast by finding my evil clone and shoot them in this game. So simple and funny for me too. I like this game. 


This game is great. I like all the jumpscares and styles of the creepiest but the last part is really hard to do. Anyway I really enjoyed this game!

This game is not bad at all. An easy challenge and chill game. Nice Work I enjoyed this game.

This is really fun game and new experience for me too. I like this game that everything is does not make scene for me but Nice game!

This game is good and scary! I really enjoyed to play this game. Nice job I like it!

Awesome game! I had a scary time to play this game. Keep it up!

This is so fun and scary at the same time but still have a bug! BTW Nice job!

I also like this game but the thing that I hate is I can not pick up anything if they on the table! Please fix it. 

This is  a really nice challenge game but you need to optimization to enhance more experience of gameplay. Really nice! 

I thought that this game is supposed to be funny but turn out at the end it is really sad story. Nice game and story BTW! 

I beat the hard mode! This is hard and it has a bug too! Please fix it.

This game have a good jumpscare sound. I like that! The game is short but I like it!

This is Amazing. I had so much fun! This is delightful and scary too! Nice Game!

This game is funny for me but if I can play more smoothly like this the game is more fun and more scary for me! Nice job BTW.

this game is funny and creepy for me!

This is so cool. I like it. So scary and creepy!

This is a really good game! I like the sound and the jumpscares too. Great job for update this game to the point that it is good like this.

see ya!!

This game is really creepy and scary! I just want to see the big foot but instead found the bigface! Anyway I like this game! Nice job Dev!


Nice game and funny.  I like it!