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There is no way to win this game but the game is so scary. I like the game that like this.

The Shortest horror game ever. I really like the sound. it really scary but the gameplay there's not much to amaze. Nice sound though.

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This game is so short but it is scary and funny too. I really enjoy this game. Why are doors so scary?  

This is the best game that I ever played! I really enjoy this game so much and even want to stop playing it because it is so scary! I hope you enjoy my video! 

This game is so cute and i really enjoy to play this. 

The game's graphic is so cool and the atmosphere. This is the simulation game so there is not many thought about this. 

This game is scary! I was terrified when I played it. Good Horror game!

This update is scary game good jump-scare. It got me every jump-scare. Nice game! 

This game is so short and there is not thing to scare about but the graphic is good for a horror game. Please make it longer and has something to scare about. 

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This is so scary. Although that the dreams map looks like House of Evil 2 but the game is really horrifying. Good game. 

This game isn't scary in the demo but it is really fun game to play. The demo is so good and less scary. I think that in the full game it will be more scary than this. Nice game! 

When I played it. I thought that this game is broken but it is not. This game itself is fun to play and wired that the same time. It is fun tough. 

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It is the weirdest game but it is still funny to play it. The problem is the fps is dropping down every time I am inside another room. check it. 

It is really short but it is really scary! The first time I played it. I was screamed. Overall it is fun to play. 

This is a good game! It is almost like slender man game but overall it is fun to play! 

This is the fun game. I really have fun to play this! Nice Work!

This game is fun for me. It is not really scary but it is fun to shoot the enemies!

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This game is still scary! I played through all series and it is still fun!

This was a fun experience. i enjoy this game and the puzzle is simple to solve it. This is fun.

This game is fun to play. I was scared by Sonic so much. Anyway this game is so scary and fun. I am really enjoy this game.

This game is so fun to play. The first time I play this I am so confuse. overall this is the fun game!

I like this challenge. It is so fun and I am so stressful when I draw those symbols. After all  I really join this game! 

This game is so scary. I really scared to play the entire lets play. overall this game is a good game. 

This game is so scary and atmosphere is really good! Good horror game by the way.

This is the fun game. I have fun to play this and make a lot jokes. Nice And Fun!

The game is so good and funny. I really enjoy to play this game . 100% good game!

This is really fun, simple and really scary at the same time. although you just keep walking inside of  the empty town with the man body. It is really fun game!

This game is so scary when you meet animatronics. You can not out run them when they see you but I really enjoy this game. Great Job !

This game is good. It is really simple that you have to fellow the path. If you choose wrong you are died. Good Job to make this game ! :)

I really like this game. It is so simple but it is hard to beat it ! Good Work !