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This is really good. It's a short but it's really creepy and it got me good with those jumpscares. Nice Job!

I really had a blast by playing this game. sweet and scary. Keep it up.

This is really scary to face up the the murderous mannequin like this. The game is scary and creepy but the FPS is not smooth enough. Hope make more SPC gmae like this. Good Work.

christmas time and play this game is perfect. Creepy and Scary. Go to the North Pole and discover the truth about santa is not a bad idea. Good Work.

I like this game. Creepy and it is a challenge. Get the cookies and milk for santa good one.

I love this new update. The monster chasing is so amazing, top quality and it is smooth to play. Really enjoyed this game. GREAT JOB!

This is really scary. Too many jumpscares that make this a little bit annoying. Turn down jumpscares for a bit this will be a great game. Overall not bad.

This is really Scary and Creepy too. I like the way it goes like Silent Hill. Great Work making this.

I really enjoyed this game. The music is awesome but no story that is kinda sad. Overall this is a fun game to play.

Cool Game. The graphics are great but a little lag and the enemies are creepy but if you at some more scary music when fight or chasing that will be great. I wanted more. Great Job!

This is really great game. I like the puzzle and the creepy atmosphere. Great Work better than the first one.

Well it is not much to say. It is creppy but not that scary. I hope you can make it more scary than this in the next future game.

This is really creppy game. The music is intense and disturbing to think about it. It is fun to experience this things. About this story I think I can guess it. Overall fun to play.

This is a funny story and weird. This is fun!

This is really creepy and scary. I like this game.

This is creepy game alright but can not find the way to win this game. Overall creepy is better

Really creepy game! I like this kind of thing! Good work!

Great jumpscare but less story line in the demo. Hope

you add more in to it.  

This is the first time that I screamed so load at night with these jump scares. I like to play more in the future.

Good game really got me there. Nice trick about a jumpscare. Nice at doing that.

This is a really fun fighting game. Also I like the story too (Funny). Overall fun game to play. 

This is scary when you are casing my that thing. Nice scary game.

I like this game. This is really creepy but not that scary. Nice game!

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The Demo is so good and scary. This is wanna be a good game. I was scared so much because this creature can do something that makes you feel that you are being watched. Nice game.

This is so much fun and silly to play. I enjoy this game so much. Texture and every is so cute. I like it so much. Nice One!!!!

This is not a bad for a short horror game. I really like that it is like P. T. Scary but not too much. Nice one.

This game is amazing. it reminds me that I played Trapt. This is so scary and one of the best survival horror game too. Love it.

WOW! I'm really surprised for this game. It is improving a lot of. I really like the control but I am so confuse about what is going on. I really enjoy this game. Nice job!

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Hi. I come here to tell you the truth about this game. Please do not take it personal.
- First The control is so weird means that the movement is not follow the camera.
- Last I can not look anywhere freely means that I can not move my camera upward. It feels like I have a claustrophobia.

Do not get it wrong I understand the concept of this game. I like it but it needs more improve of these two problem when I first play it.
I am not Rate this game just because this is 50% completed And see more potential than this. Please do not let me down.


This is really fun and scary!!! I in enjoy this so much and sometime I hate the cheap jumpscares too! BTW NICE GAME.

This is really fun to play. I enjoyed this frustrating conversation with my friend. Nice!

Great Game. This is is really hard and scary to play too. Nice work for making this. I have a good experience here.

I like this game. it remind me when I played the original game. Nice fan game.

I am happy to play. 

This is really creepy but it is not really scary. Also  I found the glitch that so funny. BTW really enjoy this game that I can shoot mannequins in the head.

Really Nice game. I like that it is like PT but really short and not that scary but it is really creepy though. 20:25 Mins In.

Wow this is really scary than I Imagined. Really like it. No Cheap Jumpscares and Siren Head is also so active. BTW love it.

Wow this is really scary. I like the jumpscares. Story I a little off. BTW Really nice scary game. I like it.