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I really love this kind of game, and for me this is overall a pretty good game.

What is good:

  • The controls is simple and good.
  • The visual style clean and pretty cool
  • The game has some really interesting puzzle game mechanics.

What could have been better:

  • I would like to rotate the camera, because for now it can some time be difficult to see where you are suppose to be going.
  • I would like a bit more check points.
  • I do not understand why there are a limited number of life's. For me this is a puzzle game, and not game about survival. I actually stopped playing the game because I  was not able to get very long in this game before I died.
  • The sound effects is pretty good, but they are a bit quiet. I would also like to hear some music in this game.
  • The level design is overall pretty good, but It can some time be a difficult to see where I am suppose to go to.