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To be fair I have spedrun the game a few times. The sliding high jump attack can actually be used to reach some higher ledges or ave yourself from landing in water. The Goony boss is actually quite easy if you can recognize the pattern and even exploit the hit detection boxes. Let me explain, everytime Goony does an upward spike attack across the floor she stops for about a second, in that second deploy M1+A M1+ S M1x2, this will do about 900 points of damage since Goony fires the slime balls as she recovers, making you clip into her for a fraction of a second, making all 3-4 slimeballs miss. The small jump mechanic can also be used to dodge her low attacks but only if youre far away enough. As for the tenta ponies who throw things at you if fairly easy to get by them, on Normal they throw an  object a certain range and at a certain angle, the best way to beat them in Hard is to predict their movement, now I know youre asking "BUT Trash, they throw many items how can I avoid them?" Easy, deploy a quick slide jump boost, S Jump + S M1, and youll whiz by, do this after jumping over the tenta pony and you should be clear. 

Now as for the game. A solid 8/10. I like it, I bet some people can probably speedrun this for money and stuff. I know I would. 

Oh and Bit Assembly, dont fix these exploits, I need them to beat my personal records.

3min and 15sec.


Fun detected, deploy patch.