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Well that explains it then :) I will try again

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Yeah sorry for the confusion. But it's valuable feedback to know it's possible to miss what to do.

That particular keycard isn't required until Objective 3 gets triggered. But I didn't want to force the player to search the entire map for it. The idea was that you should initially see the keycard [2nd Floor Manager's Office Keycard] at the start of the game when your initial objective is "find the main entrance and leave". When you eventually trigger Objective 3 it says you need to find the 2nd Floor Manager's Keycard - there is an additional hint provided in the text that comes up.

"It's locked. Where did Adam leave the keycard? Did he give it to Sarah? I should search her desk. She sits next to me."

I was hoping that would be the "ahhhhhh" moment and the player knows exactly where to go. Unfortunately, someone else had this problem too. Although they eventually found the keycard - when initially told to search for it they didn't know where to look.