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Thank you for the review. It was extremely helpful in figuring out what didn't quite work.

1) 2nd Floor East Wing Door Keycard

I noticed you missed it the first time. I was hoping that the desks would cause people to search and notice the card after triggering objective 2 (Find the 2nd Floor Manager's Office). I think it could have been in a more prominent place.

2) Objective 3 - Search Sarah's Desk for the 2nd Floor Manager's Keycard
When you first start the game you should see this keycard on the desk to the right. There is also a hint in the objective, "I should search Sarah's desk for the keycard. She sits next to me". Looking at your play through it didn't translate to the way I was hoping it would (you were confused and didn't know where Sarah's desk was) so that's something else that can be improved next time.

3) Door Locked > Sarah's Desk > Manager's Office > 3rd Floor
You commented how it was kind of pointless to go to the manager's door, just for it to be locked and ask you to get a keycard when you could have picked it up at the very beginning. This was partially done to slightly extend gameplay, and allow a more extended sequence interacting with the enemies... I 100% agree and will be something to improve on in the next game.

4) Main Exit (Final Objective)
I notice you were unsure where the main exit was located. The very first objective (Find the main doors and leave) was intended to introduce the player to the starting 50% of the map before adding enemies (hence the scripted moments). I think this is also something I could work on in the future.

Thanks for playing.

I'm glad my thoughts could help you out a bit buddy :). Also wanna thank you a ton for sharing this game, it might have a few things that could improve but which game doesn't! It's like my own videos, got tons of areas to improve on, we can only learn and be better each and everyday! 

Gotta say that I had really fun with your game and I can see that you got loads of potential to create awesome games, I'll keep my eye on you :) 

Stay awesome!