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That's strange because i have a computer with Pop!_OS and always test it there. What version of Pop!_OS are you using? It's strange because that error you mention usually appears when you try to run an application for a different architecture, like an x86 app on an ARM target... 

Using Pop!_OS 18.10 x86_64. I just realized I'm not using 19.04 so i'm gonna upgrade and try again after that...

Actually, it should work in any ubuntu based distro above 16.04... let me see if i find anything... I know you surely already did this, but have you double checked you granted permissions to the appimage?

Yep... in fact it had no exec perms by default.

ok, let me try tomorrow in the pc i have at work with pop os and ill tell you if i find anything.. thanks for reporting this issue!

Hey, i'm sorry but cannot reproduce your problem.. i have a machine with pop os 18.04 on a x86_64 arch machine and works fine. Could you try downloading again? or try with a previous release:!OjBDkAZJ!ob1xbEqsbi5s8k3RP_BYeikSnKYCwCm0wPL0pwfOrf4

Have you tried in other pc? I've tried in Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and Pop Os and could not reproduce your issue.. sorry.

Okay so the 1.3 seem to work perfectly well!

I'll try on ubuntu when I can. I guess something is just broken on my side...

Thanks for the help!


Im going to release 1.5 soon (i hope). May be it solves your problem also.

Hey! i must ask you.. when Laigter gave you that error, was it fom itchio desktop app or you downloaded the appimage from browser? If it was from itchio app, what version of the app are you using?

Hello! I use the itch app, but launching Laigter from the app gives me an error which I think is only related to the said app. So I manually launch the appimage provided. (just to be clear)

I don't have access to my computer right now so I'll check and notify when I can (in 2-3 days).

I couldn't get 1.4, but 1.5 runned fine on ubuntu (18.04).

hi! We already discussed about that. It was a bug in app when downloading the appimage, and Amos already solved ir.. try updating itchio desktop app

Oh I had not noticed, my bad. Everything seems to work on my machine now. Thanks!

thanks for reporting anyways! And if you find out that updating the itchio app does not work, please write me back and ill contact Amos again.

Hi, just to let you know, I had the same issue with 1.5 on Elementary OS 5.0 (Ubuntu 18.04.2 based) when downloaded through the Itch desktop app. Wouldn't launch through the Itch launcher, and trying to run it from a terminal gave me this output:
bash: /home/michael/.config/itch/apps/laigter/laigter-1.5-beta-x86_64.AppImage: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

Version 1.3 from that download link worked fine, so I went to the Itch website, and downloaded 1.5 through Firefox, instead of the Itch desktop app, and this time it worked!
So the issue might not be with your .AppImage, but with something that happens to it when downloaded through the Itch desktop app.

uh, i'll write to itch support to see if they can help me address this.

Thanks for reporting!


What version of the itchio desktop app are you using?

Versions are:

Itch 25.4.0

Butler 15.16.0

Itch Setup 1.18.0

I talked to Amos from itchio and he found a bug in desktop app. He already fixed it (how efficient!). He said this:

Build's up! They can open preferences, scroll down, check in "Components" that butler is at 15.17.0 or above (if not, click "Check for updates" and wait).

Then it should all work. Alternatively, itch checks for component updates every two hours.

Thank you. I reinstalled Laighter 1.5 through the Itch app, and it now works :)