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Played the Demo and really hyped for the full Version! Asha is so fkdksdaj adorable <3 Can only recommend xD And the MC is sooo relatable for me, love her already. Only thing I'd ask for are more hair colours xD That's it. Great work, hope all goes well with development!


Hello, I am very happy you liked the demo <3 

As for the hair colors, unfortunately we won't add more even in the full game. Our artist is very perfectionist so it's not  just color swap, they redraw everything each time so the shadows, contrast with the clothes and skin etc. are always perfect. Since the MC will have several hairstyle, several clothes, several color skin, it makes way too much variation to account for, so we decided to let them as it is I hope you understand! 

Thank you for your support, 


No, totally. As an artist myself, I 100% get it. And I appreciate the work you did, positively surprised different ethnicities actually have different facial features, no just different skin colours as is often the case. Tremendous job on the art overall, give my props to the artist, they did great! Wasn't a serious critique anyway,  just humour.  Just saying,  I like the game so much that something so minor is the worst thing I found^^ And thanks for the detailed reply, much appreciated :)


Oh I see, sorry I tend to take everything first degree ahah, I am very happy you enjoyed our game and understand all little extra work we put in it, it's so rewarding when people notice the little things <3