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Thank you for the thoughtful and helpful feedback, I just want to point out that.

You can cancel attacks when you hit with them. You're only commited to the full recovery on a miss. This is to encourage measured agression and punish just flailing. It does introduce a learning curve, but I think it makes it more satisfying when you get into it.

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But how do you cancel? I've loaded the game right now and I'm trying to do something after an attack has landed, and I'm getting nothing. I can't jump or block or move, and I'm landing those attacks. And I remember yesterday, during that boss fight, I've tried many times to get away after my attack has landed and I don't remember at any point being able to do anything until my recovery was done. So if it's true that you can cancel attacks I'm mystified as to how to do it.

And regarding allowing cancel only on hit, I understand this as a design choice and some games do that, but I'll be honest, I never was a fan of it. I prefer to have one specific move that can cancel at any point (like a dodge or a backdash), that way it's easier to learn and it feels more reliable. But it's a matter of taste, I suppose.