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I just finished the game. I really enjoyed it.

 I love the artstyle. Everything looks good. Sprites are great and full of details. I like UI. Different types of textboxes for different types of content was good idea, too. Seriously, it's the best looking indie game I've seen... this month. 

I love how cold and "liveless" Ezo is. <3 She so cool! No, She's ice cold xD.  She seems to be mean and hate people but actally she's only prefer to avoid unnecessary socialasing. 

There is only one big excetption to this rule - her childhood friend Mekelle - cute and attractive daughter of General. She is also  strong and knows how to fight! And she has army!

She is the only one person Ezo is nice to. And Ezo secretly has crash on her. They are my favourites of all colorful and interesting characters. I'd love to see them as couple ♥

I'm definitely waiting for more

edit: I'm defenitely gonna read Pike's Reach :)

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to write such a nice and long review! I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game and the characters especially! You definitely got Ezo spot on! She generally doesn't like excessive socializing but that doesn't mean that she hates everyone. There's more romance to come in the next game!!

And please enjoy Pike's Reach! It's set 15 or so years following this game, so a lot has happened in that time