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Thanks for the feedback, by the way it was made solo and the shotgun is shooting a real projectile, so there could not be a range cutted.

Is there damage falloff at a certain distance?


Huh, that's interesting, as in the video I shot (What I believed to be) Dead center at mid range and didn't seem to see any particles come off of the enemy, indicating a hit. How much of a spread is there? Also, are the tall zombie like creatures Kill-able? If so, how many shots?

Yes, the pile of meat is killable (5 shots), there is actually no spread on the shotgun, I have just made the projectile bigger. The projectile flies from the shotgun not from middle screen.

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Oh okay. Good to know. I may hop back on there and look over the mechanics a bit more. I'm also a developer, and i always love seeing how other people accomplish different mechanics and the mindset behind them. If you're interested in talking this kinda stuff, my discord has quite a few like minded people. Maybe even offer some insight into future projects?

Sure, you can send the invite link.

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