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What a fantastic demo! I thoroughly enjoyed the story, characters and voice acting. The phone mechanic is such a cool and unique add on that really helps elevate this above other VN's, adding that extra bit of intractability. I'd happily pay whatever amount of money for such a well made and developed game.

I'm usually apprehensive with having a fully fleshed out playable character but damn Rei is done so well! A character that could come across as annoying just oozes this kind of charisma making you forget that tiny fact of him murdering people. His interactions and chemistry with the love interests are all so great and unique that I'm already struggling to decide who I'm going to romance!

 I wish you guys the best of luck with the release next year and all future projects. You've definitely earned yourself a fan today. (Also the tunes are absolute bops)

Awesome! I'm really glad you enjoyed the demo and that you liked Rei! It's always a struggle to balance a strong personality so I'm glad you were able to enjoy it. Our music guy also definitely appreciates any compliments about his tunes~