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So I've been completely addicted to Caverns since I made my last comment here, its the most fun I've had playing a roguelike since I first discovered them. 

I was wondering if you could slightly reduce or maybe give us an option to increase/decrease the map scroll speed with the arrow keys?

Thrilled to hear it :)

I'll look into it.  In the meantime, you can also use the mouse, btw.  Just right click a square to centre the screen there.  If you hold the right mouse button, you can scroll the map around, with the speed dependent on how far the mouse is removed from the centre of the screen.

Fixed it!  It'll be in the next update, early to mid-August :)

Glad to hear it! Thank's alot! I'm currently sitting on a level 5 Half-orc Barbarian and just wanted to chime in and say the new Perk system is really cool and I love the flavor it adds to the game! Machoism giving me the occasional EXP from taking damage is really unique and my favorite perk so far.

Awesome!  Glad to hear!  I'll have more of the races and classes add back in with new perks in the next update :)