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The Linux build requires Wine/PlayOnLInux or...?


It's a native Linux app, should run without those.

Thanks for answering. :)

However, I'm having problems running the x86 file, the window pops up but then the process just aborts.

Through the terminal it gives me either "Aborted" or "Segmentation Fault".


Not sure what the problem is, I don't actually have a Linux machine -- I just press a button in Unity that says "Export to Linux" and hope for the best. You could always try the Windows version using Wine.

Anyone else using Linux want to field this?

I see, I did some reading and apparently the 32 bit support of Unity on Linux is kinda borked (if I understood correctly), and since I'm stuck with a 32 version on my current laptop...

Oh well, I'll try wine.

Oh, game is awesome btw. Can't wait for the next updates. :D

Got it working hooray! :D

All I had to do was run using the "-force-opengl" parameter.

Also, found a bug with the shapeshifter, after the host death, I can't interact with anything and NPCs don't react to anything.


Yea shapeshifters got some problems right now. I'm on it.