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I don't usually bother to write reviews but I feel like doing so for this game. I just enjoyed it so much. I don't think I spoiled anything as I tried to keep it general as possible. Sorry that this ended up fairly lengthy.

The beginning before ending up on any guys routes was an interesting read. All minor characters were given distinct personalities despite their short appearances which made it easy to sympathize and gain some attachment with them. Being given a glimpse into the main character's life before she ends up surrounded by guys was refreshing. Usually, games like this jump right into being around the potential romantic partners without actually getting to see any part of their lives beforehand. Heaven's Grave is also one of the few visual novels I have played that actually gives opportunities to shape the main character’s personality as there are some choices that don’t have an effect on their relationships.

Arha, the main character, has a unique personality on her own. She is both rational and emotional, reasonable and unreasonable, selfless to a fault but still voices her frustrations, and overall just feels like an actual person. Throughout the story, depending on the romantic partner she ends up with, she grows in different ways. It is interesting to watch her be shaped without losing all of her original personality. She never ends up being a soft pushover that just lets the guys pull her around every which way. Arha, knows how to hold her ground. Honestly, she is my favorite main character out of any visual novel I have read so far.

Tai is like a big brother with a personality problem. He starts out arrogant but quickly becomes reliable, comforting and sweet, only to revert to his arrogance again. It’s a roller coaster ride. He and Arha have great chemistry as they are similar in that they both are caring and can lead others. They bounce off each other well, both making each other smile and laugh during the harder times. They are each other’s crutch when things become harder than hard. Tai’s romantic relationship with Arha feels the most natural and realistic out of the three routes because neither of them have to change much for it to work. They both still grew to be stronger and better versions of themselves in each other’s presence (Tai more than Arha).

Kien is a sweetheart with a lot of rough edges. He gives Arha the least hardest time of the three routes. He seems to develop feelings for Arha fairly quickly and treats her especially well from the beginning. Kien is a bit of a pessimist which sometimes clashes with Arha’s extreme optimism. That being said, he tends to ground Arha when she becomes a little unreasonable and she does the same for him. Together they go through a lot of hardships, more so than the other routes, but they both come out stronger and closer at the end. Kien can be fiercely protective when it comes to Arha, but she manages to keep him from overdoing it. Out of the three routes, Kien’s is the most romantic.

Suiza is self-centered with a soft side. Everything is about his comforts and his feelings for a good while. Since Arha is selfless to a fault, she and Suiza constantly butt heads. Suiza develops feelings for Arha first but can’t seem to get over himself enough to act like it. They have moments of peace that allow them to get to know each other and get closer but immediately go back to bickering. Both Suiza and Arha go through the most character development out of the three routes. Suiza softens up and Arha becomes harder. Suiza’s route has the least amount of romance of the three routes.

Personally, I enjoyed Kien and Tai’s routes the most. Kien is a lovable guy despite his faults and Tai seems to fit best with Arha overall. I can’t really pick a favorite out of the two as they were both equally good for different reasons. I still enjoyed Suiza’s route as well, I just wasn’t feeling the romance between him and Arha. It was obvious when Suiza started developing feelings for Arha but I never felt Arha really feeling the same. There were times when it felt like maybe she could start to develop those feelings but mostly it just felt like they were just good friends.I don’t expect tons of romance since there was a lot going on in Heaven’s Grave. I just feel that Arha and Suiza’s romance didn’t really develop while their friendship had a ton of development. I didn’t mind it that way but it made the ending of his route feel sort of rushed. It could just be me being weird. Overall, all of the story was a very enjoyable to read. The art was lovely too, especially the backgrounds.

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave feedback . It's always great to hear what players enjoyed and what they felt could have been done differently - it's the sort of thing that can only help me get better as a writer, so I appreciate it.

Thanks for playing