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I loved the hell out of this game, but I have a lore question.

There's multiple conversations with Angela, where she says if she used all her power it'd rip apart reality (I think, beat it a month ago), and when she dies, she's simply laying down in solidarity with the party.

When you fight the 27th and 68th arms of the Divine Order as part of the final conflict, why do they die? Couldn't they just... simply choose to continue fighting you forever? Or are they weak to the Sword of Fate or something? Or is Angela actually whipping them really, really hard during the conflict, and actually harming them in the process? Or do the superpower strength only apply to Angela because she's just built different


Specifically the reason Angela gives for holding back her power is "if I did not maintain the charade of normal human strength, the Divine Order would throw THEIR full strength at thy capture," which is true for long enough to make it to the confrontation with those two angels before the final boss. Past that, though, the party's just very tough themselves!

If you'd like a little bit more lore about the nature of the Divine Order, it comes up again in The Fate of Another World... and if we ever did get a chance to continue the game's story further from there, what it means for the Divine Order to throw its full strength at you is definitely near the top of the list of questions I'd love to answer.