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Two missing images fixed, one new missing image (Misty OoO) in Kumako's conversation found.

Bianca and Amara, if they weren't before, are now visible from the start of the game. (I don't know if they're supposed to be. They don't have anything to say, but they do disappear when they leave to investigate the portal.) I'm getting warped back to the teleporter every time I try to go outside, so I'll take the hint there. :P

Don't worry about the book targeting... just make a note of it and move on. I know what phantom bugs can be like. At least it's harmless and easy to reproduce.

Haven't been to every map, but the evening light change seems to work.

I should probably stop chivvying you and let you work on the game in peace for a while; I just noticed an update on the submission feed and had to poke around a bit. Hopefully by the next major update I'll have caught up on a save which doesn't still have a bunch of blank null-items from the costume change...

EDIT: Whoops! I just realized the girl I was trying to talk to outside is probably the cutscene version of Aika. And she's now invisible during the intro.

EDIT 2: And just because this is bugging me now I know about it, not because it's ruining my gameplay:

  • Armor shopkeeper intro and ingame
  • General shopkeeper intro during a couple of lines (her first line in the intro, she uses ingame portrait...) and ingame
  • Grimoire shopkeeper intro and ingame
  • Teleporter intro and mere seconds later. Teach me, teleporter-sensei! I want to change my gear in combat!