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That was beautiful and heartwarming and wonderful. Thank you. I don't know how I overlooked this on my first pass over the list of games in the jam, but I'm glad I found it.

I really enjoy yuri games with these kinds of... carefree but serious low fantasy? settings, and seeing stories like this from perspectives other than the obvious RPG heroine's is nice. I don't even mind that a quarter of the game is probably Martha sharing her perspective on the daily realities of adventuring, because it was interesting.

I think criticizing it based on its length or linearity would be really a bit unfair. It was as long as it needed to be to tell the story it was trying to tell. It didn't drag on (though I'm sure I would have still enjoyed it a lot if it was twice the length), and it didn't feel like it was rushing too fast.

I'm fine with it being a kinetic novel, too - it means I don't have to feel regret over choices not made, and within the scope of this story, I don't think anything I could have chosen to do would have made the ending any more perfect.

An epilogue about what they did next might have been nice... but honestly, that was such a perfect note to end on, I can't really complain too much...

There was one point when I felt the music choice was slightly strange: the cheerful market music carries on while Ada's talking about not even knowing her age. Admittedly, changing it might break the flow of the scene... The music otherwise fits pretty perfectly.

I'm going to be following you, because I really want to see what else you make, if it's anything like this. I hope to see many more yuri games from you in the future.