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Thank you very much. I took some inspiration from another game, but who doesnt :D

I like that you got challenged finding out how to finish the levels. That means I did a good job in level design.

So you have finished all levels the intentional way without hitting the skip button? Because that is quite an achievement because a lot get frustrated at some point :D

I had to skip two levels, the windy and the jumpy one. It took me about 20 minutes and exactly 144 deaths to finish the other ones :D

Yeah, those are by far the most difficult levels in my game. I had them as lvl 4 and 6, but moved them back so that people don't get frustrated right away :D

Good to hear, that you managed all other levels. Your statistics are kind of normal for the first playthrough. I posted my high score in the comments too, in case you want to know what is possible :D