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My review (no specific spoilers, just general impressions):

I just finished getting the good ends for all the characters, and I have to say I really enjoyed the game. The setting is very novel, and the premise of this game is very exciting to me. I liked the post-apocalyptic aspects and the fact that the game did not shy away from showing both the good and the bad in that situation.

Arha is a great MC, she is earnest in her devotion without allowing others to walk all over her. It might easily have become annoying if she had been too deferential to the gods she spent her entire life honoring, but the game manages to avoid that. I enjoyed her responses to the obstacles put in her way throughout the story.

I played Tai first, and I found his route enjoyable. I liked the tension between him and Arha that would come up when their ideals clashed. I also found myself thinking about when to show deference and when to stand up to him. At some points I wanted to give him a good slap, and it was gratifying to see his development over the course of the game. The part where Tai and Arha spend some time traveling with others felt a little long to me at times, though. Still, I enjoyed seeing how that arc wrapped up in the end.

Suiza is definitely my favorite. His snarky banter with Arha was fantastic, and I feel like perhaps he grew the most throughout the game. The supporting characters in this route are also awesome, and it was a lot of fun to read their interactions. I also loved the hair CGs in this route. :)

I played Kien last because I was least interested in him. His route is well-written and the conflict in it was especially tense. I felt genuinely upset at some of the things that happened during their journey. Kien isn't quite my type so I wasn't as much into him as the others, but that is all down to personal preference and not to the route itself.

I felt the small cast worked well in this game. I'm a sucker for two characters getting stuck with each other/traveling together, and there was definitely plenty of that. It allowed for a lot of relationship development.

The ending felt slightly rushed, especially with the small time skip at the end. I feel that things might have flowed better if we'd been able to see some of the immediate fallout after the climax? It wasn't bad, it just made me go: oh, I guess this is the end already?

On the whole, I definitely recommend this game. It is super well-written and easy to get lost in, as evidenced by the fact that I just spent all day playing it so I could finish all the routes. I truly appreciate the fact that the setting of this otome is different from the standard high school stuff you mostly get, and that it is more serious in its tone. Thanks so much for the wonderful game!

Ah, my first review! Thank you very much for the feedback - I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed the game overall, and it's interesting to see what you thought about the three routes. 

Your comment about it not being a school setting did make me laugh though, since BFF is going to be the very next game I release >_<

Many thanks for playing

Hahaha, I admit I haven't been following that one very diligently for that very reason. But on the other hand, I've really enjoyed this game and The Rose of Segunda, so I might just step out of my comfort zone for it. ;)