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A similar question was asked by 'glyic' below - did any part of that response help with your issues with that section? If it's causing that much frustration, then it'll be looked at for future revisions.


I eventually got lucky, but I got sent back to the start of the 1st room a lot.  It's really frustrating to be sent back to the start of the previous room to have to do both over again i.e. from room 3 to 2 and then 2 to 1. Most of those orbs were moving way too fast, my reflexes aren't that sharp to catch a lot of those frame critical timings.  It's why I avoid timing and platformer games i.e. "Mario/Sonic/Street Fighter/etc".  

I was seriously wondering if I was going to be able to get to the end of the game.  I almost never finished Wild Arms 3 because of an invisible floor puzzle with required jumping in the final dungeon, I forgot about the game for like 4 years.

Anyway, the idea that something could bar Zasaroja's progress through this maze was interesting, but it didn't get easier with repeated attempts.  Which, I think multiple failures should start slowing down those orbs to half and eventually one-quarter speed, especially because you can't run in that area.  And orbs in the 3rd map didn't disappear after multiple failures.  But the 2nd map was where I had the most difficulty.

Sorry for only offering complaints so far because the story concept has been genuinely intriguing on many thematic levels.  I mean, I think this would work even if it was a "safe for work" title.  Not that I'm advocating changing to "sfw" but it's definitely engaging enough to keep me interested even in the event that inclusion of erotic content ceases to be possible.  That said, I did enjoy the erotic male/male content and always look forward to more of that.

I really liked that the story became a juxtaposition of high fantasy meets an almost "Dr. Who" science fiction at the end, it reminds me a lot of The Witcher novels and games in that way.  And even as I'm writing this I wonder if it's possible for planes of existence in this world to merge into being a "stable Chimera" i.e. bypass the need to hop from one reality to another or perhaps better facilitate it?  Or perhaps they already are akin to a Chimera and that's why multiple planes of reality are possible?  

It's rare that a game gives you a number of satisfactory closing elements while at the same time keeping you looking forward to what could come next.  But that's what I feel you've accomplished and I'm looking forward to the future possibilities of our resident immortal madwoman dragging our favorite battered samurai through more inter-dimensional mayhem. XD

And level 69 was an awesome in game joke ^w^  XD  Very much appreciated.


Sorry for the delay - that's finally been revised as of the 30-07-19 version, with the balls on the last two stages being removed on the next attempt once you return.

Thanks for all the feedback, and apologies for the inconvenience.