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You did a good job capturing the different feelings I got from the text in the game. Phoenix seems to be the more technically advanced with amazing attention to detail, but Teal's has more of that life you get from sketches, it tells more of a story.

I tend to prefer art that isn't as perfectly rendered as Phoenix's art seems, and I adore how much of a story Teal's tells. So I would vote for Teal. It makes me so happy to see Phoenix's art though, and I still adore the image!

I really enjoy how much thought you put into the art the two characters created. It really helps to make the characters feel real, and I feel like I can picture what the rest of their artworks would look like thanks to these!


Thank you! >u< So glad these rather subtle messages could be appreciated! I see the benefits of both types of art styles but personally I do prefer vivid styles as well. In the context of getting a design job (which concept art technically is), however Phoenix would definitely be a step ahead of Teal I think haha.