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Thank you! >u< So glad these rather subtle messages could be appreciated! I see the benefits of both types of art styles but personally I do prefer vivid styles as well. In the context of getting a design job (which concept art technically is), however Phoenix would definitely be a step ahead of Teal I think haha. 

haha, Phoenix' hard work paid off! :D

Wah. The rescue sequence was a special part, so I hope you won't go and look too deep into the other backgrounds (/ω\)

And as always, thank you for your nice words! They'll motivate me to keep including such details, hoping that they may please and be appreciated uwu

woah I'm glad you liked it!❀
ever since I bought that bed tray  and put my notebook on it, I never returned to work at my desk again◝(°꒳°*)◜

Even if you do - dem steaming boys won't get cold  like coffee. (「・ω・)「

Hope you'll have fun with our little game! ;3