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nice! played it until sublevel 2 and waiting for new update. By the way I played it for six hours for 100% so your estimation on stating 30 minutes playtime is not accurate as you already knew the game and where sceans where and where not... Oh and BUG: The one really annoying bug I had was that I could not do any nightservice anymore. I went to the Motel owner and told him I wanted to earn money ... and then he said talk to me next morning. I did so and then the bug. I clicked on I want to earn money ... and the dialog window closes and nothing happens. And that happens no mater how many days / times I wait / try ... Tryed this after 100% completetion and was still broken so... and why cant you take the badge off when not in town /or in the hub cause you get to the hub. You leave the hub and go back to the city. It is dangertime so you get inside motel. You sleep. You cant get out of Motel room without putting bade on. Back at hub. Cant take it off. :( But as a conclusion a really nice game but really why are the pictures of Vibe(The MC) so shit ? I mean you have them on the ui that look really nice and then when in "action" cowgirl for example. It looks shitty like really trash. But the good text makes up for it :D still please replace the shitty pictures with good ones because your ui pictures show that you can make good pictures. Overall a must try :D

ps: I finshed with about 7000 Money "f***bucks" hahahah

Heya! We're in the process of updating all the old CGs to the new art style. You've prob noticed that some are in the same art style as the dialogue portrait. The rest will soon be in that style over time.

I'll update the playtime listing, that was made when we first released the game.

Thanks for letting us know about the bug with Klaus! We' ve had a few reports about it and we're looking into it.

Being able to remove the badge isn't a location-based thing in the programming. Right now you can't do it because we'd want to have special dialogue and events happen if you do take the badge off.

Thanks for playing! ❤

ok. thanks for the info, looking forward to the new update :D