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Hoo! It's been a while.

Although I broke my vow to update everyday, I've nonetheless been... working on the game every single day.... just keeping my head down. Suffering from stress migraines. Making good progress. Scoping. Re-scoping. Feeling defeated. Crippling loneliness. Mom's spaghetti. 


I've put the game through 4 big playtesting sessions now and everything seems functional. 

So, the big news is I've had to downscale from the inadvertently planned 15 scenes (the full "short game" length) into the just first 7 scenes of the game, so it's gonna be...... a demo.......... 

I can't say I'm not disappointed!!! But!!! I'm comforting myself by listing out all the things we managed to accomplish these past two weeks:



I wrote about 39 pages of story content (10,447 words). Translated this into 600+ dialogue blocks, (now) containing 7,000+ words. 

Designed 3 diverse and well-rounded characters from scratch, both in art and narration. 

Sourced a beautiful in-game GUI screen designed by Jaeger. 

Sourced two completely customized game tracks by the wonderful Natis.

Researched and utilized additional images/music from Unsplash and Kevin Macleod, respectively.

And most importantly, we made a game where there was no game before. Where there was none, there is now... a game! Even if it's even shorter than the short game I came to have in mind.

I've also started designing the itch page to get ready for the upload. I'm waiting on a few last minute assets and still have to add shading to Angelo, but otherwise, I'll be submitting the game in less than 24 hours with the following link:

Creature comfort of the day: Game Grumps playthrough of Phoenix Wright.