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You've created a very sweet and unique art style. All the objects in the level are well crafted. This game looks fun to play, which is not commonly found. The controls feel nice which is a big plus. 

Dropping into the main level was very daunting. The level provided no sense of location or progression. I felt lost since all I saw in front of me was a cluster of objects. I noticed differents paths, but they all felt meaningless to me.

This game could benefit from landmarks that act as checkpoints. These landmarks could be big floating islands with some kind unique shape or structure. Gameplay wise, the landmarks would give the player an understanding of where he/she is in the level (i.e. progression). Between each landmark/checkpoint, you could introduce some kind of new challenge or twist. Art wise, these landmarks could give the player a moment to take in the world you crafted. You're models feel alive and an interesting environment and subtle story will greatly improve your game.

Thank you for the feedback!